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About Me

As a child, I lived in the countryside, a small village located in the South of Brittany. I remember like it was yesterday, every Wednesdays and Saturdays morning, the mobile baker came with his van, honking his horn to warn of his arrival. It was a pure joy for me to rush to his van, watching him opening the sliding door of his old J9 and discovering all the amazing baked goods. I still remember the wonderful smell of fresh breads. Thanks to him, at the age of 7, I decided to become a baker and never gave up !

At 15 years old, began my long life passion for the art of baking. I started my apprenticeship at the mobile baker’s bakery. I even drove his old van.

After 4 years of apprenticeship within his bakery, I was eager to learn and discover new technics of work so began my own “Tour de France”, working in various places with one goal in mind; improving my skills.

After 12 years of professional experiences in France, I wanted to travel abroad and embrace new opportunities.

During my travels, I was amazed to see that the French knowledge is recognized worldwide! But at the same time, there is also so much to learn from others.

I arrived in London in 2017 as a Head Chef Baker for a high end bakery then quickly became the Head of Production. Together within 5 years, we grew from 2 branches to currently ten. We set up our central production unit in the recent years which employes 35 members all under my responsability.

After 20 years of a sucessfull professional path and amazing experiences, I decided to take on another challenge by becoming an auto entrepreneur. Through this I want to help new or existing companies to always strive for better.

A few words about me,

I am reliable, rigorous, dynamic and highly organized. I always strive for improvments in the organisation, processes, training and high quality standards. I have a strong work ethic and throughout my career I’ve always worked with integrity and respect.

I am sure together we can build a strong lasting relationship.

Qualifications and experiences available on my Linkedin account.


Only the Best Ingredients

It is by always looking for the best raw ingredients that it is possible to create an inimitable bread or pastry!

Starting with a Label Rouge flour, adding a natural leaven, a PDO butter and Free Range eggs.

 Grandma’s Recipes

Every baker will say that he has the best recipes. I think there are as many bread recipes as there are bakers on earth. But what can you do with a recipe without the technique and the know-how?

Everything by Hand

Handling and mixing the dough, feeling it, respecting it and giving it time to rest, this is the last secret of a successful fermentation.